People always leave.

and sometimes they come back.

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الفنان ” Bryan Lewis Saunders “

ينقل تجربته  برسمه لمجموعة من الرسوم التي تمثّله بعد تعاطيه انواع مختلفة من المخدرات .

Bryan Lewis Saunders is an artist from Johnson City, Tennessee who’s  doing a series of self portraits under the influence of various drugs.

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Arrête de penser que tu souffres à cause de ce que les autres t’ont fait, et comprend que tu souffres parce que tu n’arrives pas à te pardonner le fait de les avoir laissé faire
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I think one of the saddest things is when two people really get to know each other: their secrets, their fears, their favourite things, what they love, what they hate, literally everything, and then they go back to being strangers. It’s like you have to walk past them and pretend like you never knew them, never even talked to them before, when really, you know everything about them

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If he makes you cry more than he makes you smile, your tears are telling you something. So it’s time to be brave; hold your head up, dry those tears and walk away. ‘Cause the sun will shine tomorrow even if he isn’t around.
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